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Monday, January 7, 2013

Idle No More Has New Look...

Idle No More has new look for New Phase in R"Evolution"...

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Idle No More Is Here To Stay

Idle No More activities will not stop until we reach our two goals: Indigenous sovereignty (Nation to Nation relationship) and protection of the land and water (Social and Environmental Sustainability). Once we reach these goals, we will continue to work to protect them. In essence, Idle No More is here to stay.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Tom was chaplain to 
Minnesota Senate

Tom Stillday in September 2008


Boozhoo,aaniin, Onagaakwe indigoo Odawamong, mikinaak indoodem.  Besho Zhigaagongindoonjibaa, besho Nizho-wiikwedong indaa.  Carol indizhinikaazzhaaganashimong.

Greetings, my name is Carol Reschke.  I am an anishinaabe woman of mixed descent; my ancestors were both settlers and native people.  I grew up in suburbs of Chicago, and I now live in Minnesota.  I am a singer, I sing backup at powwows and round dances, Itravel long distances to sing with friends.  Because many of my singing buddies are from first nations in Canada, I’ve been following the Idle No More movement closely, and during the holidays I’ve been attending several rallies and roundies.  On Dec 21 I was in Couchiching First Nation for their rally and walk to the USA border crossing in Fort Frances, Ontario.  This past week I sang at  flash mob round dances at Miller Hill Mall in Duluth MN, Walmartin Ashland WI, Paul Bunyan Mall in Bemidji MN, and last night at Walmart in Cloquet MN.

Below is a message I’d like to share on the Idle No More website.  The late Tom Stillday, a spiritual leader from Ponemah (Obaashiing) Minnesota in the Red Lake Nation reserve.  Tom passed away in October 2008; he relayed a message to an elder lady in a recent dream.  


Mary Moose dancing at the Walmart roundy
Last night after an Idle No More flash roundy at a Walmart in Cloquet, Minnesota, we had a beautiful talking circle at the Fond du Lac reservation tribal center. 

An elder lady named Mary Moose explained to us that she hoped we understood her English, because she grew up speaking Ojibwe and Cree. 

She told us she had a dream in which she was visited by an elder who has walked on, the late Tom Stillday from Obaashiing in Red Lake Nation. She told us how in her dream Tom told her we need to help our relatives in Canada, and he suggested everyone, all anishinaabe, all indigenous people put out a spirit plate on the same day at the same time to awaken the spirits, to ask for their help. Mary relayed that we should choose a date and time, and do it every year on that same day.

So the people in the talking circle decided to do this at noon on New Year’s Day...

The instruction was that you may offer your feast food to any of the four elements: you can place the spirit plate in a water body, in a fire, in the air by hanging it in a tree, or on the earth. Mary and other elders will be speaking for the food. She asks everyone to do this, wherever you are. A facebook event has been created for this coming New Year’s Day, the event is called “ Idle No More! Anishinaabe Calling Around The World!” 
Maryand Leonard Moose

Mary also shared that she and her husband had not been aware of the Idle No More flash roundy planned that night at the Cloquet Walmart, they had stopped by to pick up a Batman DVD. 
Please share with everyone!